Short Love Poems

Short love poems ... well, perhaps
But all certainly modest in length,
Just little collected bits of scraps
From a mind slowly losing strength.

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Oval Saphire


Don't lose sight along the way
Of what matters most in life,
It's not what you kept but what you gave
And the love you leave behind.

Oval Saphire


I'm lost and confused, I can't find my way
There are too many forks in the road,
Weary of life, alone and afraid
The words return that my Mother spoke.

Somewhere in the darkness shines a light
Somewhere in the storm gleams a rainbow,
Hold on bravely through the night
And with the coming of dawn, reach for the glow.

Oval Saphire


Love has many faces
Most wear smiles and grins,
And can be found in warm embraces
Where true love never ends.

It's the frown of love that breaks a heart
On a forbidden love that should not be,
Or a love who for one has lost its spark
Or a love taken and left only is grief.

But of all love’s many disguises
There is one that stands apart,
The one that shines the brightest
Is the love for you in my heart.

Oval Saphire


Love is a wanderer in a vast empty hall
Where there are many doors,
Each one leading to someone’s heart
Where love has not entered before.

Many hearts choose to ignore love
It‘s not welcomed or invited in,
So love moves on to the next door
Never to revisit again.

When love came tapping at my door
I was waiting to let it pass through,
I knew I would never love anyone more
When love arrived, it was you.

Oval Saphire


With each passing day
And every night too,
Every second that you’re away
I long to be with you.

My world’s falling apart without you
I need you here with me,
All I can see or feel is blue
Please believe these words I speak...

I miss you
I need you
I love you
Please come back to me.

I watch for you every day
But all I can do is wait,
Will you meet me halfway
I'm sorry for the mistakes I've made.

Please forgive me and come home
I'd rather die than go on...
Without you.

Missing You Video

Missing You Video