by Brianna Chapelear
(Dos Palos, CA)

I saw you with her
I can't believe you did this,
You knew how much you meant to me
Now I'll never regret this.

You're lying, cheating
You're telling me it's not true,
But the moment I saw her with you
That was the worse thing you could ever do.

I know you have fun with her,
And you act different when you're around me,
But now I truly know
You love her and not me.

We started out perfect
But then I found out you weren't worth it,
Babe, we were almost meant to be
Until you ruined my fantasy...

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Move On
by: Josh

Move on. There is a better one out there. Pretty good effort on the poem. I actually understood this one.

by: Allie

Can't live with them ... can't live without them. Somewhere out there is a "Mr. Perfect" for all of us. Least ways that is what I keep telling myself. Good poem.

Liked your poem
by: Anonymous

Just not meant to be.

Love Bites
by: Anonymous

You're hurt now, but when that hurt turns to anger, BITE BACK!!!!

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