Just Because Poems

Just because poems here you will find
With really no common theme or composition,
From my standard, off-the-wall state of mind
And included here to eliminate omission.


If a magic genie appeared to me
(They really do exist),
And laid the universe at my feet,
Or the granting of a single wish.

I would not have to ponder at all
I would not hesitate,
“Please grant me the wish”, I would reply
It could be the only choice to make.

And now I suppose I should save the world
End famine, disease and strife,
But I fear I would be overwhelmed
In setting every wrong right.

Dismissing the highly-sought possessions
Distinctive to the human race,
Many are they who would call me a fool
Saying this wish I did surely waste.

But I would pass up precious jewels
Fancy cars and stately mansions,
I would cede the opportunity to travel the world
I would forfeit the royal king’s ransom.

I would sacrifice the intellect of Einstein
Rare beauty and restored youth,
I would forgo the notion of no more worries
I would relinquish life anew.

To be your one and only
It’s true, I would hate to miss,
But this too I would lay by the wayside
As one thing takes precedence.

It sits at the very top of my list
Its priority surmounts the sky,
If I was granted but one wish
You’d be blessed with good health and long life.


Just because I’m sad
Doesn’t mean I don’t laugh,
It doesn’t mean I’m emo
Or my wardrobe is entirely black.

Just because I’m lonely
Doesn’t mean I don’t have friends,
It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy
Or all I do is reminisce.

Just because I’m unloved
Doesn’t mean I’m ugly,
It doesn’t mean I’m not loveable
Or that no one even likes me.

Just because I write poems
Doesn't make me a poet,
It doesn’t mean I’m a loner
Or unable to be flamboyant.

Just because you now understand me
Doesn’t make you smart,
It doesn’t mean you know me at all
But gives you a place to start.

Be My Friend