Sad Lonely Love Poems

This is an original, single-author, personal collection of down-to-earth poems mainly about broken hearts, lost loves and secret loves. Intermixed are horses of a different color, which I hope you will enjoy as well.

Love is not just about couples. There is a parent's devotion for a child, or the allegiance between brothers and sisters, the closeness between good friends, or the affection you have for your parents, grandparents and the like, or maybe just the hankering for a good hotdog. There are many different types of love in this world and this website attempts to scratch the surface of this overwhelming emotion in poetry.

There are also rhymes you can use to let certain people know how you feel about them … be it good or be it bad. Why, you may ask? Well, just because you feel like it or on special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, holiday and unfortunately, sometimes even a death or funeral.

Is there a talented musician or band you admire from afar? You guessed it. You can find poems for them too at Sad-Lonely-Love-Poems.com! Has someone ticked you off lately? Odds are you will find a verse or two for them as well.

Many scholars have argued the validity of the notion that creative individuals such as poets, writers, composers, etc. are prone to depression, mental illness and suicidal tendencies. I would just like to go on record and say as far as I am concerned, although I cannot deny having been depressed at times, consider this stereotyping unjust. Some of my writings may seem out in left field somewhere, but I just chalk it up to a very vivid imagination. Aren't we ALL just a little crazy anyway ... as Mark Twain once said, "When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."

At any rate, it has taken a lifetime (mine) to compile this collection, and anyone who has ever been down in the dumps, depressed or lonely may appreciate it. Take your time and look around SLLP for a variety of rhymes ranging from heart-wrenching tearjerkers to just plain silly. I hope you find at least one to your liking.

Thanks for visiting and come again soon!